22.2.     External Functions


            You can use external function as standard functions by its file name without extension, e.g. abs(x), not abs.txt. You can add your own file to the library.


abs                         beta

acot             acoth            acsc

acsch            asec             asech

assume           atan             binomial

cis              combination      cos

d                def              define

definition       diff             digamma

dsolve           dt               ei

erfc             erfi             exp

expand           factor           doublefactorial

factorialpower   for              gamma

im               infsum           int

integrate        integrates       inverse

isatom           iseven           isinteger

isnumber         isodd            laplace

lg               li               lim

limit            ln               log

log10            max              min

n                nint             nlim

not              nsolve           plot

polygamma        prime            prod

product          psi              psolve

re               series           sgn

si               simplify         sin

sinc             sinh             solve

sum              tangent          taylor

theta            value            zeta